The USC Center for Sustainability Solutions kicked off the semester on Wednesday with a live stream of the CNN Climate Crisis Town Hall, where the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates discussed their policies to address the effects of climate change.

The center’s director Professor Antonio Bento hosted the event at Doheny Library and moderated a panel discussion with USC faculty and students following the Town Hall to discuss the candidates’ plans and climate issues.

The faculty included Professor Gale Sinatra from the Rossier School of Education, who spoke about the psychology around policy communication and messaging, and Professor Julien Emile-Geay, a climatologist from The Dornsife School of Arts and Sciences.

The two students were Nathaniel Hyman, an undergraduate student in The Sol Price School of Public Policy and a member of the Environmental Student Assembly, and Molly Creighton, a Price graduate student who is working at the center and has a background in policy and economics.

“This event was meant to bring together different ideas to foster a community and mobilize a cross section of people from all departments,” Creighton said.