The amount of information about climate change on US government websites has decreased significantly since Donald Trump became president in 2017. That is according to a report by the Environmental Data & Governance Initiative (EDGI), which finds that the amount of language related to climate change on government websites has fallen by more than a quarter.

The EDGI – an organization that analyzes the federal government’s environmental data, websites, institutions and policy – monitored the use of certain words and phrases contained in 5301 government websites between 2016 and 2018. They find a 26% decrease in the use of words such as “climate change”, “clean energy” and “adaptation” while phrases that they say are “employed to undermine a clear analysis” of climate change such as “energy independence, “resilience, and “sustainability rose by the same percentage.

The report reveals that the term climate change has been completely removed from 73 webpages belonging to the Environmental Protection Agency while references to climate change have also disappeared from 63 webpages of other cabinet departments such as the occupational health and safety administration and the transportation department. “Rather than cultivating the informational resources necessary to confront climate change, the Trump administration has attempted to remove the topic from federal agency websites, a clear policy indicator in line with withdrawing from the Paris agreement and the clean power plan,” says the report. […]