Buried in the flurry of headline-grabbing statements last week by acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney about Ukraine, presidential quid pro quo, and a plan to host the next G7 summit at the president’s own golf resort was another announcement that attracted less notice. Climate change, Mulvaney said, won’t be included in the G7 summit’s formalized agenda when the leaders of the world’s major economic powers meet in June.

While the administration has backed off its intention to hold the event at Trump’s Doral resort in Florida, it hasn’t budged on its plans for the summit agenda. The country hosting the summit—in this case, the United States—sets the agenda. But that doesn’t mean the other G7 members will allow climate change to go undiscussed.

Even if the host country lays out the official agenda, the meeting’s attendees are still basically free to discuss whatever they deem important. According to an EU official with knowledge of the G7 proceedings, some EU delegates still plan to make climate change a focus of the summit.