Khnum Muata Ibomu, aka, is a rapper, wellness advocate, activist, author, founder of RBG Fit Club, and one-half of the political hip-hop duo Dead Prez. Born in the rural community of Shadeville, Florida, has been rapping about Black pride since the 1990s. He met Mutulu Olugbala, best known by his stagename M-1, while attending A&M University and the two hit it off after discovering their shared political views.

Dead Prez is known for its confrontational style and lyrics that address topics like police brutality, racism, capitalism — and healthy living. A health scare in the ’90s led him to switch to a vegan lifestyle.

“I had gout in my early ’20s from drinking, smoking, not resting, and leading a stressed lifestyle,” Ibomu told LIVEKINDLY in an email. His wife, Afya Ibomu, an award-winning plant-based chef and cookbook author, was the catalyst for Ibomu to cut animal products out of his diet to heal his gout naturally.

“Through a vegan diet I was able to detox without medicines, heal my leg, become a martial artist, and just get back on my healthy gangsta all-around,” he continued. “Running, meditating, and having a much more optimistic outlook.”

In early 2000, Dead Prez released its debut studio album “Let’s Get Free” through New York City-based Loud Records. Sitting at #10 among social justice-minded tracks like “Police State,” “Animal in Man,” and “Propaganda” is “Be Healthy,” a mellow tune praising healthy vegan food and daily exercise.  […]