As marijuana legalization continues to spread and the cannabis industry grows, many advocates have called for an increased focus on social justice to address and correct the many setbacks people of color have faced during the war on drugs.

A panel of experts including Jay King, president of the California Black Chamber of Commerce; David Hua, CEO and co-founder of Meadow; and Yvette McDowell, co-chair of the California Cannabis Industry Association (CCIA) Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Equity subcommittee; will speak on how the war on drugs disproportionately affected people of color and continues to prevent them from participating in the growing cannabis industry. The panel, which will take place from 3–6 p.m. at the Weedmaps Museum of Weed in Hollywood, California, will also cover how policymakers and industry leaders can create a more equitable market.

Those interested in attending can reserve their free tickets by visiting the Weedmaps Museum of Weed website.

One of the goals of the Weedmaps Museum of Weed is to provide historical context to how cannabis prohibition is one of the most powerful tools of oppression and how the war on drugs fueled systemic racism and mass incarceration and stifled research into cannabis’ medical and economic value. “Together for Fair Social Policies” aims to explain all that has been lost at the hands of anti-marijuana propaganda and highlight the efforts to change the course of cannabis history.