A real estate developer by trade, President Donald J. Trump is a fan of ornate design. The gilded interiors of Trump Tower and Mar-a-Lago are Exhibits A and B. Even if flashy isn’t your taste, they make a bold gold statement. I get that. He’s in the biz.

The president oversaw a White House renovation that cost $1.75 million (slightly higher than President Barack Obama’s $1.5 million tab)—including $17,000 for custom rugs, $7,000 for furniture and $5,000 for wallpaper, NBC reported. Considering The White House’s size and importance as a public museum, that price tag is actually reasonable.

But the president’s administration has attracted an odd cast of wannabes–ambitious design grifters who recklessly spend taxpayer millions on over-the-top vanity projects. Who could have imagined cabinet secretaries, ambassadors and campaign staffers upstaging our showman president in his own field of expertise?