In the near future, all California high school students will probably have to take ethnic studies courses before they graduate. That’s fine in theory but the process so far has been marred by political bias, extreme hostility to Israel, and not coincidentally, a complete white-washing of anti-Semitism in America.

The first draft of the California ethnic studies curriculum was recently released to the public with the comment period ending on August 15th. Its glossary is almost a parody of political correctness. It calls for students to learn such terms as “Herstory” in which “The prefix ‘her’ instead of ‘his’ is used to disrupt the often androcentric nature of history.” But even this term is now considered politically incorrect so students will also be taught about “Hxrstory”, which is “used to describe history written from a more gender inclusive perspective. The ‘x’ is used to disrupt the often rigid gender binarist approach to telling history.”

Under the draft curriculum, students will also be taught about “Heteropatriarchy– a system of society in which men and heterosexuals (especially heterosexual men) are privileged, dominant, and hold power” and “Cisheteropatriarchy– a system of power that is based on the dominance of cisheterosexual men.”

Students will also be taught about racism, sexism, and Islamophobia. However, one term that they will not be taught is “anti-Semitism.” Although the curriculum’s glossary makes room for all the terms mentioned here, anti-Semitism is nowhere to be found. This is particularly amazing because there are more Jewish people living in California than almost anywhere else in the world and hate crimes against them are up sharply.  […]