AT the moment you can buy notebooks, rulers and erasers in Paperchase that say FEMINIST on them in gold letters. They even have little flags that you can put in your desk tidy to let all your colleagues know how you feel about the patriarchy. But as the movement goes mainstream, I’ve found myself craving nuance and searching for opportunities to dig into the insipid, invisible and micro misogyny of everyday life.

And so, this leads us to our current Fringe show, A Brief History Of The Fragile Male Ego.

It wrestles with the big “what next” question for the feminist movement, and is also a chance to get our teeth into the more knotty parts of our relationship with maleness and masculinity.

The show then looks at our rage at the way in which women are socialised to protect male egos and the heartbreak we feel as we see the men around us struggle with their mental health on an epidemic scale.

We see examples of men with overinflated egos – those who publicly explode when their pride is damaged. Remember that stunning image of R Kelly towering over journalist Gayle King in a tirade of self-preservation as he finally faces public outrage at the sexual abuse allegations that he has evaded for decades?  […]