During Wednesday’s edition of The Beat With Ari Melber, the eponymous host shared some “new information and context for President Trump’s race-baiting rhetoric and discriminatory policies.” This “new information” came in the form of indefensible comments from then-California governor and future President Ronald Reagan and the then-President Richard Nixon, which Melber gleefully used as a lynchpin to attack Republicans and conservatives as racist.

After he finished painting President Trump as a racist, Melber proceeded to share some newly released audio from the Nixon Presidential Library featuring Reagan referring to people from African countries as “monkeys” during a conversation with Nixon. The conversation took place as the United Nations had “just formally recognized the People’s Republic of China.”

Not surprisingly, it did not take long for Melber to use the audio as an excuse to trash the GOP. Melber asked “What did Make America Great Again mean then? What does it mean now?” Melber attempted to answer his own questions by describing Trump’s agenda as “the politics of the southern strategy, the attacks on welfare queens by Reagan, (and) the relentless fixation on ‘law and order’ by Nixon.”

Melber went on to describe the tapes of Nixon and Reagan and presumably their policies and campaign rhetoric as “the foundation of discrimination and racism and the politics of hate that has long stained America.”  […]