Consumers identify strongly with their favorite brands. Millennials, especially, prefer companies that share their social and political values: Nearly a third of this generation says they won’t buy from a business that has different political positions than their own, according to a survey by Morning Consult.

In reality, business leaders often use their money and influence to support political causes. But for conscious consumers, there are several resources available that offer insight into which political causes the executives of your favorite companies have donated to.

By law, campaigns and political action committees must disclose the personal details of individuals who donate $200 or more, including their names, addresses and employers. The Federal Election Commission website has a tool to search these individual contributions by the donor’s name to find information about what candidate or organization they gave to, along with the amount and date of the donation.

While the FEC’s website has a wealth of information, it can get overwhelming searching through the massive database. That’s why other tools have cropped up that aim to distill the complex political contribution data down into actionable insights.  […]