Former President Barack Obama got an unexpected shout-out from Fox & Friends when co-host Griff Jenkins reminded his co-hosts that Obama and then-Vice President Joe Biden “delivered health care in remarkable fashion.”

On Saturday morning’s edition of Fox & Friends Saturday, Jenkins and co-hosts Jedediah Bila and Pete Hegseth discussed the friendly fire that Obama took at the second Democratic presidential debate.

Bila read aloud a tweet from Biden in which he wrote “I was surprised at all of the attacks on President Obama’s record at the #DemDebate. The Obama-Biden Administration passed Obamacare, lead the world on combating climate change, and saved our economy from the brink of disaster. He was a great president. We don’t say that enough.”

“Obviously taking a lot of heat on deportation, taking a lot of heat on healthcare,” Bila said, adding “I think President Obama was sitting at home probably saying ‘Hold on a second, progressives, I thought you liked me, I thought I was the popular guy for a minute, at one point he was the fan of so many progressives around the country. Looks like not so much anymore.”

“That’s a good point, in fact there was an earlier fundraiser email that I got saying ‘Get your sticker, Obamacare was a BFD’,” Jenkins said, adding “Remember, he delivered healthcare in remarkable fashion.” […]