Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch in a newly released interview laments a lack of civility in the country while demurring on political questions involving President Trump.

Gorsuch told The Associated Press for a story published Saturday that Americans should remember that their political opponents “love this country as much as we do.”

However, Gorsuch had little to say about Trump, the AP reported, beyond saying that the president “was very gracious to my family” during the nomination process in 2017 when Gorsuch was tapped for the high court.

Gorsuch has conducted a series of interviews as the 52-year-old conservative justice makes the rounds to promote his new book, “A Republic, If You Can Keep It,” which is slated for release Tuesday.

The book — a collection of essays, speeches, past opinions and other thoughts — aims to “say something about the Constitution, the separation of powers and the judge’s role in it,” Gorsuch told The Washington Post.