Dave Rubin had Donald Trump’s son on his show, and he told Junior that it’s OK to call him a “fag” now that marriage equality has been legalized.

Trump Jr. has been doing a media tour to promote his very deep, very thoughtful new book entitled Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us. A big part of promoting the book has been attacking trans women in sports in order to take attention away from the massive discrimination transgender people face.

On Monday, he was on a streamed interview on The Rubin Report, and he got on the topic of transgender people. Trump Jr. started saying that gay people are somehow being hurt by the fight for transgender equality. He did not denounce any of his father’s moves to take away gay people’s rights because Trump Jr., as a straight man, decided that the real threat to gay equality is transgender equality, not the Republican Party.

“It’s a constant movement of destruction, because to lift somebody, you always have to take somebody down,” Rubin said, explaining how conservatives understand the world.