Presidential humor can be a dangerous thing.

When Barack Obama assembled a group of comedy writers, including Seth Meyers, to write some roast jokes about Donald Trump at the 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner, it killed in the room. Unfortunately, Obama performed the material so well that it may have pushed Trump’s decision to run for president. So, yeah: dangerous.

A lot of Trump supporters seem to love the current president at least in part because he makes them laugh. They love his funny nicknames, like Liddle’ Adam Schiff, with its flabbergastingly unnecessary apostrophe, or Shifty Schiff, which sounds like the title of a hit single that has an accompanying dance. They love it when he jokes about extending the term limits of the presidency. They love his recurring impression of a married couple unable to watch TV because the wind isn’t blowing, despite the fact that this is not how wind power works. And they probably even loved when he did this, though it’s not a popular thing to admit out loud.

Trump is a former game-show host in decline, meaning he’s an entertainer by trade and also prone to unintentional comedy, e.g. your covfefe and any number of other verbal flubs that would be funny as hell if he weren’t the president. So after three years of having this person inject “humor” into the daily discourse, it is as refreshing as a deep-desert daiquiri to see a presidential candidate absolutely nail a joke.