Today, HRC applauded the House Judiciary Committee for advancing three commonsense gun reform bills aimed at preventing the epidemic of mass gun violence in the United States.

“It is imperative that Congress and the White House finally take action to prevent this senseless, ongoing epidemic of gun violence,” said HRC President Alphonso David. “The vast majority of the American people support meaningful steps to stop these preventable tragedies, including an assurance that no person in this country can purchase a firearm without clearing a background check. The House and Senate must work together to pass these commonsense bills, and Donald Trump must sign them into law. If they fail to do so, we must elect leaders who will get the job done and protect our communities from violence.”

The bills advanced out of the House Judiciary Committee for consideration by the full House are:

H.R.1186 — The Keep Americans Safe Act would ban high capacity ammunition magazines, which enable assault weapons to be particularly lethal.

H.R.1236 — The Extreme Risk Protection Order Act of 2019 would provide incentives for states to adopt laws in order to prevent those deemed a risk to themselves or others from accessing firearms.

H.R. 2708 — The Disarm Hate Act would prohibit those convicted of misdemeanor hate crimes from obtaining firearms.