Justice Minister Oscar Silvera Martínez on Dec. 18 announced the Family Code, the law that could establish marriage equality in Cuba, will not be introduced in the National Assembly until December 2021 when one of the parliamentary commissions will be in session.

Silvera Martínez presented an expected work agenda for the coming years, including two special sessions in addition to those that are normally scheduled, to approve the roughly 40 laws currently before the current legislature.

According to the Trabajadores newspaper, the minister said the process will be difficult, “not only because of the number of rules that must be approved now and in the coming years, but because of our people’s expectations.”

The marriage provision was the most debated part of the constitution the National Assembly approved a year ago and put to a referendum in February. Lawmakers decided to postpone the debate (on marriage equality) for two years.

“The commission proposes to defer the concept of marriage, that is, to leave the proposed constitution, as a way of respecting all opinions,” said a tweet published on the National Assembly’s official Twitter account.

Article 68, which defined marriage as “the union between two people,” was substituted by the technical notion of marriage. One of the new constitution’s transitional provisions finally set a two-year deadline and another referendum on the Family Code, the law that will establish if LGBTI+ couples can join under Cuban law.