Colorado State University students are leading the world in climate change research.

CSU students traveled to Madrid recently to present various research topics at the United Nations Climate Change Conference.

COP25, the name given to the 25th session of the Conference of the Parties, allowed approximately a dozen CSU students the chance to take part in various sessions and portions of the conference, including the opportunity to present their own research.

In preparation for the conference, CSU students, along with students from Clark University and Michigan Technological University, teamed up to research the 17 topics listed under the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.

As a climate scientist, there are days where this field feels like a fight and can be lonely.”

Claire Carver, CSU Graduate Student

Tamera Breidenbach, a senior majoring in ecosystem science and sustainability, was one of the few undergraduate students to attend the conference. Her team focused on U.N. Sustainable Development Goal 13, climate action.

At the conference, Breidenbach and her team presented research on mountain and high elevation adaptation strategies to respond to climate impacts. This project included different case studies, one of which was her own research on wetland ecology.