A top Interior Department official reportedly denied the existence of climate change and compared undocumented immigrants to “cancer.”

CNN reported Tuesday that Bureau of Land Management acting Director William Perry Pendley, who was appointed in July, also claimed that Islam was at war with America and blamed migrants for diseases.

Pendley told the news outlet that the comments were out of context and not relevant to his current job.

“As someone in the public arena for nearly four decades, I’ve given countless statements and written scores of articles on a wide variety of topics. Cherrypicking a few of them out of context is neither useful nor connected to my current position,” he said.

The news outlet reported that in a 1992 Heritage Foundation lecture, Pendley denied that there was a hole in the ozone layer and compared environmentalism to communism.

“‘Environmentalism’ is indeed the last refuge of the left, the last safe haven for those who trust, not the people, but big government, those who seek to place the power in the hands of federal bureaucrats,” he said. “It should not surprise us that they have embraced environmentalism with the same self-righteous fervor as they once embraced socialism and communism.”