The expansion into new foodservice outlets comes on the heels of Impossible Foods’ partnership with co-manufacturer OSI Group​ to ramp up food production to meet growing demand for the Impossible Burger across all sales categories including restaurants, college campuses, corporate canteens, theme parks, and large fast food chain customers (e.g. Burger King, White Castle, Qdoba).

According to Sodexo, its decision to use and serve the Impossible Burger isn’t just a result of the meat alternative’s taste and high consumer approval rating, but also its environmental benefits. When compared to a traditional meat-based burger, it takes 96% less land, 87% less water, and 89% fewer GHG emissions to produce the Impossible Burger, claimed Impossible Foods.

Sodexo creates Impossible Foods menu

The new menu created by Sodexo’s culinary team will feature the Impossible Burger along with seven other plant-based food items using Impossible Foods products including a sausage muffin sandwich, sausage gravy and biscuits, a steakhouse burger, and a creole burger.

“We are excited to expand our menu to include the Impossible Burger’s flavorful blend, which will be featured in several new products this fall,” ​said Rob Morasco, senior director culinary development, Sodexo, in statement.  […]