Environmental groups and other liberal activists renewed their attacks on the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Friday for not committing to sponsor a primary debate focused exclusively on climate change.

The DNC has already organized two debates, spread over four nights, but none of them have focused exclusively on climate change as demanded by some activists and 2020 candidates including Washington Governor Jay Inslee.

The activists’ ire was rekindled after the DNC released a messaging resolution on Friday titled “Resolution Recommitting the Democratic Party to the Work of Combating Climate Change and Creating Jobs by Growing our Clean Energy Economy.”

The document contains widely popular language within the party, including labeling climate change as a “present, urgent, and growing threat,” and bashes President Trump and other Republican lawmakers for rolling back a slate of environmental protection regulations.

However, to the consternation of some activists, it did not include a commitment to hold a climate change-specific debate.  […]